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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Top 3 Ads by Media-Neutral Agencies that happen to do video

I think the proliferation of different media options is driving advertising (and agencies alike) to get down to the true essence of marketing. Howard Gossage said "Advertising may seem like shooting fish in a barrel, but there is some evidence that the fish don't hold still as well as they used to and they have developed armour plate. They have control over what type of ammo you have, when the trigger gets pulled, and how fast your shot moves. Oh, and they're not all in the same barrel anymore". The shift from traditional media to digital isn't a revolution, the shift from screaming at people to buy a product to advertising as a 2-way dialogue between a brand and consumers is. This dialogue can happen using any medium as long as its relevant and targeted. Some agencies were built on this premise, some deny it but most are trying to keep up.

1. The Spark by 180 Amsterdam

180 Amsterdam is a Wieden+Kennedy break away, founded in 1998 by Alex Melvin (who’s still MD), Chris Mendola and Guy Hayward. The name 180 reflects the desire to see things from the opposite perspective and thus to give brands a unique image through unique advertising. In this commercial, 180 is able to make a captivating story about a star football player and the shoes that make him a spark.

2. Are you my man with the jacket by Anomaly

Anomaly is more of a marketing agency than an advertising agency. Anomaly is a new type of communications company specializing in the creation of entrepreneurial marketing opportunities and holistic solutions for brands. Comprised of a proven group of executives with broad experience that spans brand and business strategy, advertising, design, media-strategy, innovation, content, mobile media technology and client-side management. This youtube video is stealth advertising at its finest. Thousands of views in a few days advertising a jacket using a fake youtube video. 

3. Pablo the drug mule dog by Mother advertising

When a line of cocaine costs less than a drink, persuading young people to steer clear of drugs is an enormous challenge. But not too big for Pablo, the drug mule dog. Mother not only won several awards for this campaign but more importantly got people to talk about drug issues. 


  1. "Stealth advertising at its finest"?????

    Are you kidding? Thousands of hits in the first few days? That's nothing. This thing is 9 months old!!! ---and it totals 228,000 hits. That ain't success in YouTube Land. It's so clearly a lame viral attempt. Go to the beginning and read the comments on YouTube. I dare you to do a little research on the public reaction via YT comments. And while you are reasearch mode, why don't you do something besided copy and past from the Agency Compile website:


  2. thanks anonymous person
    I love the comment. First let me say that the date of the video has nothing to do with its effectiveness and possibly not even the number of views. I was simply given an example of the type of advertising which might work if executed correctly. If you actually read the entire post, the only thing I copied was the general description of what the agencies philosophy is which is probably better said by them than me. Lastly, Keep the comments coming, I may be wrong but at least I'm not too afraid to share my opinion...

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