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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Will Twitter help Eminem go platinum this week?

5 years in hip hop is like an eternity and a hiatus for such a long period of time would be the death of most rappers' careers. This is not the case for Eminem who is poised to go platinum with his newest release "Relapse". Eminem hopes that his time away has caused more anticipation than anything else and if his lyrics are not controversial enough to spark interest in his album then his marketing team has attempted this time around to create a much more diversified strategy, utilizing social media and converging it with creative websites along with traditional radio spots and appearances at big events such as the MTV Movie Awards. With this comprehensive strategy they hope to create a different kind of experience, providing many levels of depth for fans of Eminem. What I mean by depth is that if hardcore fans want to get into Eminem's mind they can go about it in several different ways. Twitter has been used as a tool to create mystery surrounding the release. It is effective at creating a buzz with statements like " A world so dark, a world so cold... The devil only knows". The Twitter was also used to release the album cover and screenshots of the new "3 am" game for the iphone. A simple search for Popsomp Hills, the rehabilitation center that Eminem has allegedly reported to reveals an ingenious website created by Omelet, a branding, advertising and entertainment agency based in Los Angeles. The front page of the website reads "At Popsomp Hills we give each abuser a choice: go into rehab or risk losing everything". With the use of traditional media and social media, I expect Eminem's "Relapse" to do very well its first week. The continued success will depend on the quality of the album which I know he will deliver on. Im honestly impressed with this marketing strategy because it is creative. I am a really believer that if ideas are not new and creative then they are worthless and I can tell that eminem's marketing team was dedicated to creating a unique experience and this should be applauded.
Popsomp hills rehabilitation center
Eminem's Twitter

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